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Killara, a hobby breeding cattery, is based in Ringwood, Victoria, Australia.

My name is William van Hoboken and I have been a registered breeder with the Feline Control Council Of Victoria Inc. since 1989 when I purchased my first Burmese female and registered the breeder’s prefix of “Sihanouk”.  In 1997 I changed my breeding prefix from "Sihanouk" to “Killara”.

I have had a passion for breeding animals since the age of five, having successfully bred, exhibited and judged exhibition canaries for many years.  The arrival of my first Burmese litter in 1990 saw my interest change from canaries to exhibition cats.  The canaries were all sold and my love of all things feline took over.

Killara has bred many very successful show cats, winning many Best In Shows, Supreme Exhibit awards and numerous Cat Of The Year awards.  More importantly, the majority of my kittens have gone to loving pet homes to bring much joy to many people and their families.


I breed, show and care for my cats as a hobby; I am a teacher by profession.  

My aims as a registered breeder are to breed pedigreed cats with the view to:

- Providing happy, healthy and loving companions, which are fine examples of their breed, to those people who choose to buy my kittens as pets.

- Improving my breeds of choice in terms of their health, genetic soundness, temperament and compliance with their prescribed breed standards.

- Promote and encourage responsible cat ownership.


I operate my breeding program under the following basic principles:

- All pet kittens are vaccinated, wormed, desexed and thoroughly veterinary checked before leaving my care.

- I guarantee the health and temperament, to the best of my ability, of all my kittens and offer ongoing support and advice to the owners of my kittens after they leave my care.

- All my kittens are raised indoors, not in outside enclosures.

- Killara operates as a “closed” breeding cattery.  I do not accept outside queens to my studs and choose not to sell cats for breeding.


My first love, and the mainstay of Killara, is the Burmese.  Having said that, my love of “anything that purrs” has seen me diversify over the years.  I started breeding British Shorthairs in 1998 when I was given a beautiful blue female as a gift by a very good friend who is a breeder of these “teddy bear” cats.  In 2001 I fell for the charms of a seal point Siamese girl and consequently breed two or three litters of these “almost human” felines each year.  In 2005, I succumbed to the “curlies” and now breed the beautiful Selkirk Rex; one of the newest breeds of pedigreed cats to arrive in Australia.

Please visit the individual breed pages to see some of my cats, and learn more about the “Cats of Killara”.

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